Reduce Hip Pain and Inflammation

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Hip Pain and stiffness is very, very common and can be treated with Chiropractic care and nutrition. Reduce inflammation with Whole Food Medicine and painful symptoms can abate.  In fact, I’m experiencing a little bit myself these days due to all the gardening I’ve been doing. Seems like gardening inevitably involves a fair bit of bending, squatting, and digging which works the hips in ways they aren’t used to, hence sore hip muscles. Heavy lifting and prolonged sitting can also set off low-back and hip pain.

Hip Pain
Eliminate Hip Pain

If you have a low-back and hips that are always or frequently painful, chances are there is a deeper root to your troubles.

The fact is,  the digestive tract and bowels refer directly into the low-back and hips often causing chronic inflammation leading to muscle and joint pain. Chronic inflammation leads to degenerative joint disease (aka arthritis),  which in this day and age often leads to lumbar disc surgery, and the increasingly popular remedy of hip replacement.

Chiropractic care can work wonders for low-back and hip pain which is due to exertion, such as gardening. Don’t suffer, give me a call!

Whole Food Medicine can work wonders for those who have more chronic pain, even  a “bone on bone” diagnosis. Once the inflammation is reduced, the painful symptoms abate, and I’ve seen more than on patient cancel their appointment for a joint replacement!

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