Nutrition Strategies

Modern life is stressful. Nutrition strategies can help you understand what to change to positively affect your health.

We often get caught up in bad habits that undermine our health and sanity. Change always happens. The question is; are things going to change for better or worse? Changing bad habits can be tough. Knowing “what” to change can be difficult.

This is where we can help!

We advise you on nutrition strategies for optimizing your health; detoxifying your body, understanding how your fuel path-ways work, supporting challenged organs with whole food supplements, and establishing healthy eating & lifestyle patterns.

We support you towards your goals and teach you from our experience. We cannot do the work for you, but we can sure help see you through!

Nutrition Strategies

  • FOOD PLANS to lower inflammation and correct metabolic imbalance.
  • DETOXIFICATION PROTOCOLS that are user-friendly and affordable.
  • NUTRITIONAL KETOSIS (FAT BURNING) to optimize energy, promote weight loss, and inhibit disease.
  • HERBALS  and WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENTS to support, balance, and nutrify your body.

3 thoughts on “Nutrition Strategies”

  1. Can you / will you incorporate green
    juices (fresh, of course) into any nutrition plan. I like juicing, but I need guidance.

    • Hello Pamala,
      Thank you for the inquiry.
      Green juices are powerful and usually a positive addition, at least in small quantities. My primary concern around juice consumption in general is the effect on the blood sugar by various juices, so I would check that! Dr. Penner

    • Dear Pamala, It has been wonderful to meet you and hope to continue to be of service. It is evident in our increasing good health. Be well, Angela (Office Manager)

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