You Have a Choice!
Rested vs. Tired
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You Have a Choice!
Lucid vs. Foggy
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You Have a Choice!
Fit vs. Flabby
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You Have a Choice!
Energized vs. Exhausted
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You Have a Choice!
Calm vs. Anxious
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Metabolic Rescue — Your Key to Revived Health

Hello, I’m Dr. Deborah Penner. 

After 34 years as a primary health care provider in the trenches of American health care a few things have become clear to me:

  • What you eat matters, a lot
  • Food heals
  • Herbs heal
  • Attitude and gratitude are huge
  • Our bodies are microbial battlegrounds

Metabolic Rescue

I have developed a method called Metabolic Rescue  to hold the fortress against the factors that degrade our health. 

Metabolic Rescue restores and stabilizes the vital functions of the body that are necessary to a healthy, strong life force.  

A strong life force will help you fight off disease,  have energy for work and play, sustain a healthy mind, sleep well, and live a happy, productive, hopefully lengthy life. Metabolic Rescue may address these health problems:


The "Tools"

Metabolic Rescue employs a number of “tools” we use to get results:

Detoxification, hormone balancing, organ building, healthy eatingimmune system strengtheningstress handling,  a ketogenic dietmicro-biome building, and microbial management

Reality Check, and an invitation . . .

We can choose what we put in our mouths and in our brains. We can choose to live life with good intention. We can cherish the time we have by respecting our physical body.
Do you find this unique approach towards better health appealing?
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