Racing Heart? Proper Nutrition to the Rescue

Does Your Heart Flop Like a Fish and Race Like a Run-Away Horse?

When I was 40, both my parents and two of my best friends died within 9 months. Then my marriage fell apart. All this stress slammed me into a sudden peri-menopause. I had relentless hot flashes 24/7 and absolutely wild cardiac arrhythmia.

I can remember lying in bed, night after night, with my heart racing so hard and fast that it felt like the whole bed was shaking. This went on intermittently for years.

When I finally connected with the Standard Process protocol for heart and adrenal support. My heart, nervous system, and hormonal grid settled down. What a relief!

A Racing Heart may be Related to Stress

Cardiac irregularities are very common. They are often the related to stress and the nutritional challenges associated with stress, such as B vitamin and mineral deficiency. While dealing with the stress itself is always important, supporting the body organs being challenged by the stress makes a lot of sense and makes life a lot more livable.

The wonderful protocol that helped me and many of my patients since includes:

  • Cardio-Plus, a wonderful support and “calmer-downer”  for the heart muscle.
  • Cataplex B, a highly absorbable, plant based B Vitamin, (unlike most of the B Vitamins out there that are made from coal tar!)
  • Organically Bound Minerals, a plant based mineral formula perfect for heart support.

Results are usually seen within a matter of days, along with a sense of general, systemic relief and without negative side effects!

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Dr. Deborah Penner

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