Allergies, Neck Pain and Pollen Soup

Allergies and Neck Pain created by Pollen Soup!

Spring has sprung and with the help of El Nino rains, the blossoms are exceptional this year! If you haven’t been up to Table Mountain yet, do it soon! With all these blossoms comes lots of extra pollen, which floats around in the air we breath and irritates our sinuses, lungs, and immune system.When I drive down the hill to Chico from Forest Ranch, I see a yellow haze lying over the valley:

Allergies and Neck Pain
Allergies, Pollen Soup, and Neck Pain 

For many, it means stiff, painful joints, especially in the neck and upper back.

What do allergies have to do with neck pain? Lymphatic congestion!

Allergies and Your Lymphatic System

Your lymph system is your body’s “janitorial service”. When you are breathing pollen soup, your lymphatic system is working over-time to process this irritating stuff invading your sinuses and lungs. Your sinuses and throat are serviced by lymphatic chains that run down the front and back of your neck, feeding into your blood-stream via a duct in your right, upper chest.

When your lymphatics are overwhelmed with nasty stuff like pollen and dust,  fluids back up in the surrounding tissues, histamine collects in the liver, and stiff, sore, necks, upper backs, and head-aches are often the result.

Chiropractic care with heat, muscle-stimulation, ultra-sound, and massage really help break up this lymphatic “log-jam” and relieve painful symptoms putting smiles back on faces.

To flush excess histamine from the liver, support the adrenal glands (your allergy stress responders), and decompress the lymphatic system think  Standard Process ALLERPLEX. This is a wonderful allergy formula that works amazingly well without any negative side effects like dry mouth, fatigue, brain-fog. This great allergy solution is available at my office.

Don’t sneeze, wheeze, and suffer!  Call for help!

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