Blood Doesn’t Lie! Science Based Nutrition

Nutritionally Targeted Lab Testing of Blood, Urine and Hair!

I’m always looking for answers
To big health related questions…
Like why do people hurt?
Gain weight?
Develop arthritis?
Heart disease?
Autoimmune disease?

I haven’t found all the answers.
Nobody has.
If someone says they have,
They are lying.
Unfortunately, lying seems to be
An approved form of human communication these days.
I don’t buy it.

I was listening to a Ted-X talk on U-Tube
By Carolyn Myss the other day.
It’s called “Choices that can Change your Life”.
She is a wise, insightful, experienced practitioner
With decades of experience.

She said something that really stuck with me:
“Liars Never Heal”.
She repeated it with profound conviction:
“Liars NEVER heal!”
Truth drops like a Stone.

In the interest of finding Truthful Answers
To difficult questions
I started doing
Nutrition Targeted Lab Testing
With Science Based Nutrition
At the beginning of 2017.
First, we test your Blood, Urine, and Hair
Testing many factors
that most blood panels don’t.

Then, this information is processed
through an Integrative Computer Program that
Analyzes and cross-references the values,
Formulating a Nutritional Program which
Addresses the Imbalances revealed, and
Generates a comprehensive
Report and Discussion.

Blood Doesn’t Lie

It is what it is,
It says what it says.
It informs you regardless of your desires.

Hair doesn’t lie, either.
What’s there is there.
What’s not is not.
The amount of toxic, heavy metals
Like lead, mercury, and cadmium
In people’s hair
Is astonishing!!

Equally astonishing
Are the primary mineral deficiencies revealed!
Calcium, magnesium, manganese…
It makes me wonder
How some people are even walking around!
If you would like to
Find your “Truth”,
Consider Science Based Nutrition:
By testing your Blood, Hair, and Urine.
They don’t lie!
How refreshing.

Blood Chemistry Analysis
Science Based Nutrition