Got Belly Fat ?

Belly Fat is a strong indicator of carbohydrate intolerance!

When you eat carbs (sugars), your pancreas releases the storage hormone insulin to remove the sugar from the blood and put it into storage.

The Importance of Insulin

The 1st place Insulin puts sugar is into the muscles. The 2nd place is into the liver. (BTW: Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is the #1 disease in the world.) The 3rd place Insulin puts sugar is the Belly. The more carbs you eat, the more insulin you produce, and the more Belly Fat you accumulate.

The good news is that you can burn Fat for Fuel instead of sugar! Fat does not need insulin to turn into energy! Without so much insulin forcing storage, your body will start to burn fat from the liver and the belly. Fast!

Fat is Better Fuel!

It’s clean, not toxic, like sugar is. Your brain loves it! Brain fog, depression, and anxiety improve.

While sugar and insulin promote inflammation, burning fat for fuel does not. While sugar and insulin give you a rough ride with highs and lows, fat burns smooth and steady.

There are other reasons to burn fat for fuel, too. Like cancer. Cancer is a fuel-pathway disease. Cancer cells burn sugar. Only sugar. What if they don’t have food? Think about it.

Besides that, fat tastes good! It is your satiety food. It is your primary healing food.

Burning fat for fuel is called Nutritional Ketosis or Keto. It’s what we’ve been teaching here for a decade.

Say good bye to Belly Fat!

Say good bye to Inflammation!

Manage your Blood Sugar issues.

Tell Cancer to bug off!

Be your own best friend.

Make a “YOU-TURN”!

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