Amazing Immune System

As many of you know, I am leaving tomorrow for Cuba where I will be salsa dancing my feet off for two weeks! Yesterday afternoon I realized I was having that awful a little bit of a sore throat, swollen lymph glands, dull head-ache, and general fatigue. We’ve seen a LOT of sick people the last few days!
When you have such symptoms, you have about a 6 hour window to fire up your immune system and dodge the flu bullet.

Here’s what I did:
First of all, I made sure I didn’t eat any sugar. Even a teaspoon of sugar compromises your immune system for at least 48 hours.
Then I started the following regimen every 4 hours:

  1. Echinacea Premium Tincture – 5 mls
  2. Standard Process Congaplex- 6 capsules
  3. SP Cataplex D (or  Fermented Cod Liver Oil)- 4 tablets/capsules
  4. SP Cataplex E- 4 tablets
  5. Plenty of Hot Herbal Tea. My personal choice yesterday was Tulsi/Holy Basil with Ginger (a very sweet Christmas present from my office manager, Angela)

This morning I woke up feeling well. My sore throat is gone, the lymph swelling is down, I have no aches or pains, and plenty of energy!

This protocol REALLY works!!

For those of you wishing to “dodge the crud” this holiday season, please know that Angela will be manning the office while I am gone (although she will be taking a few days off after New Years) so you can stop by and stock up on amazing immune support ideally before the cold/flu bug knocks on your door.

Happy Holidays to All!!
Dr. Penner and Angela