4 Things To Relieve Allergies Naturally

Relieve common symptoms of allergies, such as itchy eyes, clogged sinuses, head-aches, as well as neck and other body pains are all signs of Seasonal Stresses

1) Wash your face and hands a few times a day, especially after being outside. Pollen collects on the eye-brows, lashes,…everywhere!

2) Give your body natural allergy support that helps your body’s allergy management system work better!

Standard Process ALLERPLEX  (available at the office) supports the liver, kidneys, and lungs as they process pollen instead of shutting down the histamine pathway like anti-histamines do. Most patients report it works better without the side effects! Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray (also available at the office) opens the sinus airways and prevents bad things from growing in there!

Seasonal Stresses

3) Chiropractic adjustments can help a great deal by relieving pressure and improving sinus and lymphatic drainage.

4) Diet makes a huge difference! Try avoiding processed foods, dairy, and sugar (including grain and fruit) for a month to check it out.

Happy Breathing!