Seminar on Adrenal Fatigue

Last weekend, Angela (office manager) and I journeyed to standard process in Alameda for a 12 hour seminar on “Nutritional Solutions for an Adrenal Fatigued World”.

My greatest passion is learning to problem solve and then playing it sp-seminarforward with my patients. Adrenal Fatigue is not a new topic, but it is a complex one!  Developing an ever deeper knowledge of how endocrine physiology works, as well as how to assess and treat Adrenal Fatigue more effectively gives me goose bumps!

The Adrenal Glands are your “Stress Handlers”. They handle whatever stress comes; blood sugar fluctuations, temperature changes, emotional challenges, bad air quality, worries about the future, regrets about the past, the list is long.

Needless to say, in our crazy world, most people’s adrenal glands are over-worked!

The effects of Adrenal Fatigue include:

Immune compromise ( sick a lot?)
Digestive and respiratory troubles as the delicate tissues of those systems start to break down (asthma, allergies, bronchitis, ulcers, colitis, etc) , Thyroid problems (including Hashimotos’s).
Brain disturbance (anxiety/depression, anger, brain fog, overwhelm) and on and on…

The good news is that there is a LOT you can do to support and stabilize your adrenal glands, thereby improving your health and life experience.

With Knowledge, Experience, a Whole Food Medicine Pharmacy, Liquid Herbal Formulations, Food Plans, and Compassion, we are here to help.