Science Based Nutrition

My office manager, Angela, and I have been busy learning new methods of Science Based Nutrition analysis. Our journey started in February with a 12 hour informational seminar and has been continuing ever since.

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By joining a doctor’s collective, I am now able to offer nutrition targeted blood testing through Quest or Lab Corp at very reasonable prices. (ie $250. instead of $1,500.!)

I am also now offering hair analysis to assess heavy metal toxicity and mineral deficiencies. Additionally, I now have basic urinalysis in the office. (The very first patient I tested had an undiagnosed urinary tract infection. No wonder she was so tired!)

Once the lab information is collected, it is put together in a comprehensive, Science Based Nutrition report that explains and correlates all the findings, along with a discussion of what nutritional supplements are appropriate and why. Very cool!!

I am enjoying the challenge of implementing this new informational layer and putting Science Based Nutrition to work.

Of course, with every new system comes a learning curve and this one is no exception. Angela and I are grappling with new software, printing & collating reports, as well as an informational surge.

We would like to invite you be a part of our learning curve while we work out the bugs!

Learning Curve Special through May 31, 2017

Science Based Nutrition Blood, Hair, and Urinalysis with Initial Consult and Report of Findings:
$375.00 (usually $635)

Call us now and take advantage of this special offer associated with our Learning Curve! (530) 342-8464.

Happy Easter, Everyone!