The Low-Down on Nut Milk

Cow Milk vs Nut Milk

I get a lot of questions about nut milk. Are they a good food? Are they a better choice than cow-milk? In general, the answer is yes, but it is important that you read the labeling.

Coconut Milk, Hemp Milk, Almond Milk, Rice Milk
Coconut Milk, Hemp Milk, Almond Milk, Rice Milk

First of all, the front label should say “unsweetened”. If sugar has been added, don’t buy it.

Second, take a look at the nutrient profile on the back (see photo’s) and see how much fat, sugar, and protein the product has. You might be surprised at the differences! Go for the product with the highest fat and lowest sugar.

My analysis is that unsweetened coconut milk has the best nutrient profile, followed by hemp milk (not pictured), then almond. I don’t really recommend soy milk due to it’s GMO issues and potential estrogenic content, and rice milk is pretty much just sugar water.

By the way, we have a great little almond milk company here in Chico called “Beber”.  They sell at the  Saturday Farmer’s Market and Chico Natural Foods.

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