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  • Kathy R.  Chico, CA  2/20/2017     My husband and I have seen Dr. Penner for many years now. I’m always impressed by her breadth and depth of knowledge.  We see her for nutritional, chiropractic, and homeopathic care.
  • Vickie N.  Chico, CA   2/8/2017    I have gone to Dr Penner for over 15 years.  She is the best chiropractor I have ever been to.  She does an incredible job with necks and upper back….relief I never experienced at other local chiropractors or physical therapists.  She truly cares about her patients over all health.  She is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and how it relates to body function and dis-function.   I have attended several of her classes – all were excellent and, if followed, produced positive results.  Change is hard and bad habits can be very hard to break, especially in this age when you can get so many meals prepared for you – restaurants, fast foods, and grocery stores.  Dr Penner encourages you to read labels and pay attention to what you are putting in your body.  She believes in eating whole foods, preferably organic and cutting all the GMO’s and sugar.  She carries supplement at very reasonable prices.  She stays current with all the latest research and shares the studies with her patients in areas that may help them.  I could go on an on..


  • Diane R.  Chico CA  I have been seeing Dr. Deborah Penner off and on for the  past decade and have a lot respect for her knowledge and style. I appreciate that she uses heat and massage to relax areas before an adjustment rather than a quick 10 min.! She is also very knowledgeable about nutrition and educates clients on ways to continue healing. I changed my diet a year ago and have noticed impressive results based on her recommendations.

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