Opioid Pain Killers vs Cannabis


The argument for Opioid Pain Killers vs Cannabis makes for a real no brainer. Are you or anyone you know or care about addicted to opioid pain meds?  Chances are the answer is yes. Opioids such as Norco, Oxycontin, Vicodin, and Percocet are actually synthetic forms of heroin, are highly addictive, and have been handed out like candy for pain management with increasing frequency over past years. At this point, astonishing numbers of decent, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens are finding themselves addicted to these insidious drugs.

These drugs cause nasty, life threatening side effects, like bowel paralysis ( aka severe constipation for which our ever caring FDA has approved a special laxative!), respiratory challenges, and a vastly increased risk of liver failure, especially when combined with alcohol.

If that’s not bad enough, these drugs also steal your soul. Opioids dull pain and mental acuity. They also make people mean!

Sound Good?

Apparently the insurance and pharmaceutical companies think so, because they are giving serious push-back to opioid prescription reduction efforts. Clearly, they would like to keep this toxic pill supply rolling to shut-up all the suffering whiners and complainers they don’t know how to help any other way, all the while making money off everyone’s suffering.

While pain and suffering certainly do seem to be an inevitable part of life, God gave us plants for medicine and brains to learn how to use them to alleviate our disease and distress.

Cannabis is one of the most amazing plants on the planet. Different strains provide food, clothing, building materials, and MEDICINE!

High CBD (cannabidiol) cannabis strains are among the most powerful anti-inflammatories and pain suppressives known to man and have no psychoactive effects. In other words, they do not make you “high”.

In most cases, cannabis is more effective for pain and inflammation than any opioid or anti-inflammatory drug out there, but without the side-effects. That’s right, no brain fog, no respiratory failure, and no constipation!!

Medical cannabis has now been legalized in 24 states, including California. While Butte County seems to be stuck in the dark ages insofar as cannabis dispensaries go, you can take a short drive to Redding. Sacramento, or Fort Bragg and access an amazing number of dispensary options.

Cannabis vs Opioids
Deaths from Prescription Opioid pain killers

I read a study last week reporting that deaths due to opioids decreased in states which legalized medical cannabis by 25% within one year!

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cannabis vs opioids
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