CBD: Curiosity and Confusion

Talk about CBD’S is at an all-time high. The nutritional supplement world is literally buzzing with hype about CBD products. I have had my ears perked on CBD products for many years and am happy to say that I will be making Dutch Farms and Designs for Health CBD products available to my patients starting in June 2019.



I will be dispensing tinctures, capsules, and topicals for external application.

CBD’s, short for “cannabidiols”, are a complex family of
chemical constituents of the cannabis plant that have profound
anti-inflammatory and homeostatic effects on the human body chemistry as a

The Endo-Cannabinoid System, only discovered within the last
20 years, is the most over-reaching regulatory system our body has; regulating
and balancing our hormonal, immune, and nervous systems. 

Take a minute to inform yourself about the benefits of CBD’s
with the video link below.  

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