Kickstart Your Metabolism-Detox Class

Kickstart your Metabolic Rescue. Experience Benefits of Nutritional Ketosis
January 23, 2019 through February 13, 2019.  (4 weeks) Wednesday evenings:  6 pm-7pm.

For the past decade I have offered a month long detox through my office, Chico Creek Wellness. This year, we will offer it again!

In recent years, realizing that burning fat instead of sugar for fuel is of huge benefit to health, I developed a dual purpose program I call “Keto-Detox”.

During this 4 week program, you will not cleanse your system; you will experience the benefits of shifting your fuel pathway from burning sugar to burning fat for fuel (Nutritional Ketosis).

What benefits will you reap?

1)         Reduction of inflammation and pain.

2)         Weight Loss

3)         More Energy!

4)         Improved Sleep

5)         Better Attitude & Stress Handling

6)         Optimized Blood Sugars

7)         Healthier Skin, Hair, and Nails

8)         Happier Libido

9)         Decreased Hunger and Cravings.

10)  Improved Digestion

BTW: This is NOT a starvation diet. What is Nutitional Ketosis –

Keto FoodsYou can eat all you want from a generous food list and will be surprised how satisfied you feel eating far less food than usual.

During this month of change, our group will shift into burning fat for fuel (nutritional ketosis) instead of sugar. We will improve the functioning of our organs of elimination (liver, kidneys, skin, lungs), and learn techniques for supporting the micro-biome.

4 week class fee includes essential detox supplies – $365
Current patients receive $40 discount 

Call the office – 530-342-8464 for sign ups 

2 thoughts on “Kickstart Your Metabolism-Detox Class”

    • Hello,
      Dr. Penner has been using and improving upon the Standard Process 21 Day Purification for over a decade. We use the basic components including the SP Complete Shake and SP Cleanse (herbal detox formula). After using the Page food plan for a few years, she realized that the detox is more effective and user friendly with a lower carb food plan and implemented that with great results. Now, not only do your organs of elimination get a good detox, your energy pathways and hormone grid stabilizes! We would be honored to work with you, please give us a call at your convenience.
      Sincerely, Angela Seward, ACN, office manager

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