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The Team

Dr. Deborah Penner D.C


Raised on a largely self sufficient Mennonite farm in Northern California, Dr. Penner is not a newcomer to the whole foods movement.

Dr. Penner graduated from Western States University in Portland, Oregon in 1985 with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. After working in a multi-disciplinary clinic in San Diego for 3 years, she returned to her home town of Chico, CA and opened her private practice in 1988.

While her practice was predominantly orthopedically based for 20 years, Dr. Penner always maintained a nutritional “thread” and eventually came to the conclusion that without special emphasis on the internal, bio-chemical workings of the body, treatment of musculo-skeletal conditions cannot be optimized and in many cases amounts to a waste of time and money. Consequently, she committed herself to mastering and teaching functional physiology, herbology, detoxification protocols, and ketogenic adaptation programs. This health care approach is now known as Whole Food Medicine.

Additionally, Dr. Penner owns and operates a small, organic  farm providing food for herself and her community.

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