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Detox the Keto Way

Just back from Cuba and loaded up with exhaust fumes, I need a detox!
Please consider yourself invited to join me for a group experience; 

     Detox the Keto Way     

Penner's Keto Detox
This educational detox group will meet on Monday evenings January 23rd through February 13th at 6-7:30 pm for 4 weeks. Each meeting will include an informative talk, a food related demonstration, and a question and answer session.

During this 4 week journey, you will get a whole body detox and shift your metabolism from Sugar-burning to Fat-burning aka Nutritional Ketosis!

    Results you can expect include:

Increased Energy
Decreased Pain and Inflammation
Weight Loss
Better Brain Function & Attitude
Improved Sleep
Normalizing Blood Sugars and Cholesterols

Total cost, which includes:

  • Initial Nutritional Consult
  • Detox Kit & Supplements
  • 4 Informative Classes with Demonstrations
  • Ongoing support through the 4 weeks
  • Final Consult
  • $340.00

Please call the office to sign up at 342-8464!

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